Apply Value Based Healthcare
in practice with Improve

Value Based Healthcare (VHBC) is on the go and now want to be translated for the office. Focus is on a uniform way of measuring quality. Here the patients themselves play an important role. Only the patient can indicate what their perceived quality of life is. The patient will also want to be well prepared when making choices (shared decision making). Measuring must be safe and simple. And with Improve you can do that!

Advantages of Improve for Value Based Healthcare

Secure and unambiguous data capture

In the Improve library you have easy access to the required questionnaires for the clinical picture where, for example, you can select the standardized ICHOM or PROM questionnaires. Of course you can also add your own questions and patient information. Once you have completed your care pathway it is easy to activate. After the patient has reviewed everything at home and answered all questions through their mobile phone or tablet (mHealth) you will receive all patient data immediately. You can get started right away.

Stronger patient involvement

Not everybody knows how to deal with computers, but almost everybody has a smart phone or an iPad. Because our work is barrier-free and secure through mobile devices, the response rate is very high (over 90%). At that time the patient will get exactly the information and questions that are appropriate to them personally.

Part of regular treatment plans

You do not only create other questions and information, but a care pathway is easily done too. For the patient it is nice that all questions and information go through one app. When questions have been answered the patient data will arrive in any preferred format. You can also link to your own electronic health record using our FHIR API’s.

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