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The Four Dimensional Complaints Questionnaire (4DSQ) is a useful questionnaire that can help the doctor determine whether these patients require further treatment, and if so, which. The physician uses the 4DSQ to distinguish psychosocial symptoms from depressive and anxiety disorders, to quantify the severity of the suffering, to identify somatisation symptoms, and to monitor the course of the problems. After a patient has filled in the 4DSQ, the doctor and the patient can jointly discuss the results and, if necessary, formulate a ‘diagnosis’ and an action plan. The 4DSQ measures four dimensions of psychological complaints: distress, depression, anxiety and somatisation. Distress is a non-specific measure of the severity of psychological suffering, depression and anxiety are specific symptoms of major depressive and anxiety disorders, and somatisation stands for experiencing physical symptoms of tension and the tendency to be anxious about them. Virtually the entire range of psychological and psychosomatic complaints can be categorised in these four dimensions.

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